MRes Proj.; Three-dimensional Nanomagnetometry: A Computational Study

  • Thesis: Three-dimensional Nanomagnetometry: A Computational Study
  • Supervisor: Dr Amalio Ferna╠ündez-Pacheco, Research Fellow in Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University

Nanomagnetism is currently a field of great interest for information technology, and a recent trend to bring nanomagnetism into 3D by employing non-planar structures puts a lot of new physics into play and potentially opens the door for novel and revolutionary applications. In order for this transition to 3D structures to happen, reliable measuring methods and computational tools are essential. In this work the magneto-optical Kerr effect (MOKE) is theoretically considered for its potential as the measuring principle of magnetic properties in 3D nanostructures. The first steps towards a framework for computing MOKE in a generalised 3D setting are taken, and schemes to use it for characterisation of geometric and magnetic properties are proposed. Predicted hysteresis loops are compared to experimental results and decent agreement is found.

Charles Nicklas Christensen
Charles Nicklas Christensen
PhD Candidate
Computer Vision & AI

My research interests include computer vision, deep learning and imaging.